What is FORTIFIED Silver™?


FORTIFIED Silver™ is the 2nd level of the FORTIFIED program. A FORTIFIED Silver home starts with a FORTIFIED Roof™. FORTIFIED Silver™ adds a focus on three new areas:

  • Opening protection
  • Strengthening gable ends
  • Attached structures such as porches

FORTIFIED Silver ™ is possible for most existing homes during remodeling. 

What is opening protection?

Openings in a house are defined as any opening into the exterior wall of your home. Windows, doors, garage doors and even pet doors qualify. FORTIFIED Silver ™ homes in coastal areas are required to have hurricane panels for all openings that are not impact rated. Garage doors must be wind rated and should not include glazing (windows) unless they are impact rated.

Hurricane panels must be tested therefore plywood is not accepted for the FORTIFIED Silver ™ designation.

For more information on hurricane shutters, go here.

Picture of impact door and a door with hurricane shutters. From Fortified for Existing Home slide presentation IBHS
Openings must have shutters or be impact rated.

Why does my gable need to be stronger?

A gable sustains a lot of wind forces during a hurricane. FORTIFIED Silverrequires that the gables of a house be reinforced with bracing and sheets of plywood or OSB. Strengthening the gable helps to protect the integrity of your home’s exterior

Picture of a home with extensive storm damage to the gable. From Fortified for Existing Home slide presentation IBHS
Gables can be a point of failure during a storm if not properly constructed..

What about attached structures?

A porch or carport can sustain heavy damage from high winds during a storm. FORTIFIED Silverrequires that the posts to the porch or carport have documented, appropriate connections from the ground all the way to the roof.

Picture showing a porch collapsed after a storm. From Fortified for Existing Home slide presentation IBHS
Porches and carports need to be able to withstand wind pressures during a storm.

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