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The National standard for resilient construction

Real Estate Agents and Contractors:

Your clients trust you to deliver their dream home. Make sure you give them the safest home possible.
Give them a FORTIFIED Home.

Why build fortified?

The Fortified Home Program makes new and existing homes more resistant to damage from hurricanes, tropical storms, hailstorms, high winds and wind-driven rain associated with thunderstorms. The Fortified Home Standard includes three levels of protection:

Fortified Roof

The FORTIFIED Home™ Roof level addresses the roof system. By creating a sealed roof deck, these upgrades reduce wind and water entering the attic through the roof covering and vents.


In addition to the roof system addressed in the Fortified Roof level, the FORTIFIED Home™ Silver level addresses windows, doors, chimneys and attached structures.


After the roof, openings and attached structures have been addressed, the FORTIFIED Home™ Gold level ties the house together by connecting the roof to the walls to the floors to the foundation, so it acts as one system.

About Fortified

Home and business owners across the country are strengthening their properties against storm damage by using FORTIFIED construction standards. Whether you are building new home, roofing, or renovating an existing property, FORTIFIED is affordable and effective way to protect your home.

FORTIFIED is based on over 20 years of research, real-world testing and observations by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS). There are FORTIFIED standards for coastal as well as inland construction. Each standard will reduce damage from the specific weather-related threats a building will face, including hurricanes, hail, high winds, and low-level tornadoes.

Benefits of Fortified

The program starts by focusing on the roof, which is the most important and vulnerable part of every building. 

FORTIFIED goes beyond code. It exceeds most building codes by improving the performance of buildings against natural disasters and reducing the risk of personal property losses.

This unique systems-based approach requires documenting and verifying all aspects of construction to make sure homes and businesses are built to the standard.

A FORTIFIED Evaluator is the only professional who can help you earn a FORTIFIED Designation and take advantage of all the programs benefits.

Knockout Inspections is an IBHS Approved and Certified FORTIFIED Evaluator, and can ensure that homes under construction or renovation meet the requirements to receive the FORTIFIED designation.

See How FORTIFIED Construction Techniques Can Make Your Home safer

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