Information For Louisiana home owners

Congratulations! You own a fortified home.

This certification requires a renewal every 5 years.
Here's what to expect & how to prepare for renewals....

Nearing 5 years…

It’s almost time to renew. A renewal inspection is required by IBHS to ensure your home still meets the strict & resilient standards. 

If you’re unsure of when your home’s designation will expire, call Knockout Inspections or fill out the form to schedule your renewal inspection with one of our in-house FORTIFIED Evaluators, and a member of our team will look into the status of your home’s certificate.

for the renewal inspection…

Only an exterior assessment is involved. A FORTIFIED Evaluator from Knockout Inspections will walk around your property and take pictures necessary for documentation. Their team will handle all the paperwork to send off for your renewal certificate, and you won’t be charged until an approved certificate comes back.

Don’t delay… 

It’s not widely publicized, but you have a 1-year grace period. If you do not renew your certification during that window of time, a late fee will be required by IBHS to renew your home’s designation. This will result in a more expensive renewal inspection fee.

Fast, Friendly, and Professional.

Safer Living from Start to Finish


By adding on to the exterior of your home, you could be putting your FORTIFIED certificate in jeopardy of not being eligible for renewal. Should you consider the addition of a pergola, extended back porch, etc., begin by talking with a FORTIFIED Evaluator who can ensure your home remains within the eligibility guidelines for certification. Knockout can help you with this.

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