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welgard protection benefits

Only Knockout Inspections Enhanced Well Inspections come with WelGard® Protection – a guaranteed water supply for 3 months FREE! We understand your well is the most expensive home system you own. And, unfortunately, it will fail – as all wells do eventually.

Why Your Well Deserves the Best:

Most Expensive Home System

Your well surpasses the combined cost of essential home systems like the Roof, HVAC, and Appliances. At Knockout Inspections, we recognize the substantial investment you’ve made, and our Enhanced Well Inspection service is tailored to ensure its longevity and performance.

75 Critical Parts

Behind the scenes, there are up to 75 parts working harmoniously to supply your home with water. Our meticulous inspection process addresses each component, guaranteeing a comprehensive evaluation of your well’s condition.

Average Repair Costs

In 2022, the average repair costs for wells soared to nearly $3,000. Protecting your well with Knockout Inspections not only prevents unexpected expenses but also ensures that your well functions optimally for years to come.

The Knockout Advantage – Exclusive 3-Month Well Warranty

WelGard Certification:

Our expertise is fortified by our WelGard Enhanced Well Certification. This prestigious acknowledgment sets us apart and assures you that your well is in the hands of qualified professionals.

3-Month Well Warranty:

With every Enhanced Well Inspection, Knockout Inspections provides an exclusive 3-month well warranty. This warranty covers a myriad of potential issues, offering you unparalleled protection during the crucial initial months post-inspection.

WelGard Protection Extension:

Did you know that you can extend your free 3-month warranty to a full year of protection by opting for the WelGard Protection Extension? For an affordable fee of $199, secure an additional 9 months of coverage, shielding your well from unforeseen challenges. Give us a call to learn how to activate this benefit.

An Enhanced well inspection includes...

Pump Analysis

The pump is generally the biggest potential expense of a well owner. The inspector will check things like ohms and amps from the electrical pump, line voltage, and grounding.

Flow Test

If the pump is working as it was designed to, the inspector will check the water flow to see how it moves through the system. They will test the rate and certain pressure ranges.

Equipment Check

Along with testing the results of your pump operation, the inspector will physically inspect many components to check for wear, cracks, fraying, breakage and other signs of aging.

Act Now to Safeguard Your Investment!

Your well is more than just a water source; it’s a vital home system that deserves top-notch care.

Choose Knockout Inspections for our Enhanced Well Inspection service and benefit from our exclusive 6-month well warranty. Don’t let repair costs burden you – schedule your inspection today and explore the option to extend your protection for an additional 8 months with WelGard Protection Extension!

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