What is a FORTIFIED Home™?

To fortify, literally, means to strengthen; a fortified home is a stronger home! FORTIFIED Home ™ is a 3rd party certification program specifying storm resistant design. This program ensures that your home is built to withstand storms through documentation provided by a certified FORTIFIED Home Evaluator.

Being built to FORTIFIED standards is not enough. Your home needs to be entered into the FORTIFIED Home program to receive a certificate.

so How Can I FORTIFY my home?

Almost any home can be a FORTIFIED Home ™ !

Most homes are eligible for a FORTIFIED Roof at the time of re-roofing. All new construction is eligible for all levels of FORTIFIED. It is important to contact a FORTIFIED Home ™ Evaluator to help you determine whether your home is eligible and what level of FORTIFIED is right for you and your home.

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