How to Renew your FORTIFIED™ Certificate

Sample FORTIFIED certificate with 'expired' stamp

In January of the year that your FORTIFIED Home™ certificate expires, you will get a notice in the mail from IBHS (the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety). This means that your home is ready for a re-designation. Today’s post will go over the basic steps towards renewing your certificate so that you can continue to enjoy your insurance discounts and higher home values (for more information click here)

Step one: Conact Knockout Inspections!

You can choose any licensed FORTIFIED Evaluator to renew you certificate.On your postcard, the original evaluator will be listed, but homeowners may choose any licensed FORTIFIED Evaluator.

Why should i use knockout inspections?

1. We offer price matching and flexible payment if needed
2. We do not require payment until AFTER we receive your renewal.
3. We treat each customer as an individual working to meet the unique needs of every homeowner
4. We will help you keep track of any changes that may affect your future renewal
4. We do NOT subcontract out evaluations to others; all of the FORTIFIED Evaluators at Knockout Inspections are also employees.

The Evaluation

Once you have chosen your FORTIFIED Evaluator they will make arrangements to do an exterior inspection of your home. This will include walking around the home, assessing the exterior of your home, and taking pictures. For a re-designation, only an exterior inspection is required.

Once all documentation is gathered, Knockout Inspections will submit your re-designation request to IBHS for approval. Once we receive the renewal, we will send it to you!

Do you have questions about you re-designation? Contact us today: info@koinspectionscom.kinsta.cloud or 251-517-4558

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