My FORTIFIED™ Certificate Expires?!

Time expired sign on parking meter

Once your home has a FORTIFIED certificate, you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of a higher home value, lower insurance rates and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have taken the extra steps to protect your family and your home. 

However, a FORTIFIED certificate does not last forever. Every certificate expires 5 calendar years from when it was issued.

Sample FORTIFIED certificate that is expired
An Expired FORTIFIED Certificate

What do I do Now?

Contact a certified FORTIFIED Evaluator to complete a RE-DESIGNATION inspection. A re-designation includes an exterior inspection of the house by the Evaluator, a short questionnaire to be completed by the homeowner,  and documentation that will be completed and submitted to IBHS by the FORTIFIED Evaluator.

Do I get a new certificate?

A RE-DESIGNATION is not guaranteed. We will be detailing some potential issues next week. But for most houses, receiving a new certificate should be very straightforward. Once your new certificate arrives, it will have a new expiration date that is 5 calendar years in the future and be designated as having an Existing Roof. An Existing Roof simply means that your roof is over one year old.

Sample FORTIFIED Certificate showing new expiration date and existing roof status

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