What is FORTIFIED Gold™?

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FORTIFIED GOLD™ is the last level of the FORTIFIED program. A FORTIFIED Gold ™ home starts with a FORTIFIED Roof™ and includes all FORTIFIED Silver™ requirements (To review these requirements you can to our FORTIFIED Roof ™ and FORTIFIED Silver ™ blog posts). So what else is added to reach the FORTIFIED Gold™ level?

  • A continuous, engineered load path from foundation to roof must be documented
  • Openings must have documented proper DP (design pressure) rating as well as have hurricane panel or be impact rated.
  • Chimneys must be properly secured to the home.

FORTIFIED Gold™ is possible for all new homes, but is very difficult to reach with an existing home.

What is a Continuous, engineered load path?

An engineered continuous load path means a professional engineer has determined how the house should be built to resist wind. The engineer will assess the entire house and determine what straps or other forms of fastening are adequate. The engineer will look at where the house is being built and consider wind speeds at that area and wind exposure to help determine the type of fastener required.

To reach FORTIFIED Gold ™ , the house must have a set of plans that have been signed and stamped by a licensed engineer.

To view a video demonstration of load path, go here.

Image showing an example of a continuous load path.

What does design pressure mean?

Design pressure is what wind force or load a window or door is rated to resist. Generally, a DP of 50 is what is required. However, this requirement varies depending on the size of the window or door.

FORTIFIED Gold ™ requires an extra level of documentation for doors and windows. Even though hurricane panels or impact rated windows and doors are already required, Gold level requires that the DP rating of the windows and doors be documented as well. Sometimes the stickers on the windows and doors have the DP rating. Sometimes an invoice is used to figure out the design pressure.

Not sure if your windows or doors will work for a FORTIFIED Gold designation? Ask your FORTIFIED Evaluator!

What about Chimneys?

If not attached to the home adequately, a chimney can be a weak point in the roof during a hurricane. Chimneys can be completely blown off of a house during a storm. At the Gold level, the engineer will determine how to adequately attach the chimney to your home.

A home that had its chimney completely blown off during a hurricane.

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