What is FORTIFIED Roof™?

FORTIFIED Roof™(formerly FORTIFIED Bronze™) is the primary, critical level of the FORTIFIED program. All FORTIFIED Homes must qualify for a FORTIFIED Roof™. FORTIFIED Roof™ focuses only the roof and is possible for almost all existing homes during re-roofing. 

FORTIFIED Roof ™ was formerly known as FORTIFIED Bronze ™

So what makes a FORTIFIED Roof stronger than a conventional roof?

To be considered a FORTIFIED Roof, the following list needs to be documented through photographs of the roof being installed.

  • Improve roof sheathing attachment with ring shank nails
  • Provide a sealed roof deck
  • Reduce chances of attic ventilation system failure with approved ventilation systems (roof vents) and covered gable end wall vents.

Improved roof deck attachment

A FORTIFIED Roofrequires that a roof deck be attached to the rafters below with ring shank nails. Ring shank nails have a series of ridges along the nail that makes them twice as difficult to pull out than the standard, smooth shank nails. This means that you roof deck is less likely to be lifted by hurricane strength winds and more likely to stay put.

Ring shank nails
Ring shank nails.

Sealed Roof deck

A FORTIFIED Roofrequires that the roof deck be sealed. This means that even if shingles or metal panels are lost, your roof deck is still able to resist water intrusion. For more information on the benefits of a sealed roof deck, go to our past blog here.

Cut away showing roof deck seams. Blue lines appear representing roof deck tape showing where it would be placed to seal the roof deck
This graphic shows the roof deck seams and where roof deck tape (blue lines) would need to be placed to seal the deck.

Water Resistant ventilation

All ventilation into the attic is designed to let air flow in, having a FORTIFIED Roof means that they will also be designed to keep water out. Ventilation systems placed on top of the roof must pass testing for water resistance. Vents at the gable end, must be either blocked permanently or have hurricane coverings that can be put up during a storm.

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