I made changes to my house, now what?

FORTIFIED Certificate that has been denied renewal

In a previous post we talked about changes that can put your for FORTIFIED™ Certificate at risk. But what if you have already made those changes?

Knockout Inspections can help! If you have made any changes to your home, email us or give us a call (251-517-4558). We will be happy to help you determine what the next step is. There is no charge for our consultation!

Meanwhile, here are some things that you can gather to help safeguard your certificate:


One of the primary forms of documentation used in the FORTIFIED™ process is photo-documentation. As a matter of fact, without pictures, sometimes a FORTIFIED™ Certificate will be denied.

People often take pictures of renovations and building. If you have taken any pictures at all of work done on your home, make sure that you save them.

Contractors who are familiar with the FORTIFIED™ process may also have taken pictures. You can contact your contractor to find out if they have taken any pictures too.

What should you do with your pictures?
You can save them in a dedicated file on your computer, a USB drive or anything other storage medium. If you choose to use Knockout Inspections as your evaluator, we will store these pictures for you at no charge!

invoices and receipts

Invoice and receipts can help strengthen your documentation, especially if pictures are lacking. Invoices or receipts should show the quantity and brand bought for the repair, whether it be roofing shingles or new windows. They should also list an address where the materials were sent.

What should you do with your invoices?
Save you invoices in a separate paper or computer file so that they are easy to access later. If you are using Knockout Inspections, you can also ask us to save them for you.

Information about your Contractors

Keep contact information for any contractors that you use to repair or renovate your home. You may need to contact them later with questions about materials, construction or even for pictures.

Most renovations require you to use a licensed contractor to maintain your FORTIFIED™ Certificate.


Let us work for you!

Let Knockout Inspections keep track of the work done on your home. We can store all of the above information if you choose to use our services for the FORTIFIED process. All consultations are free.

If you would like a more detailed list of what documentation you need to keep while renovating or re-roofing, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you!

Do you have questions about your renovation? Contact us today: info@koinspectionscom.kinsta.cloud or 251-517-4558

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