What Does a FORTIFIED™ Evaluator Do?

Frances Moon, Gold FORTIFIED Evaluator for Baldwin County

Hiring a FORTIFIED™ Evaluator is the most important step in getting your certificate. In a previous post, we talked about how to hire a FORTIFIED™ Evaluator. Today we’re going to outline how your evaluator will help you.

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What we do

A FORTIFIED™ Home Evaluator works with you whether you are building a new home, or re-roofing your current home. Your evaluator will make sure that all of the guidelines are followed for a FORTIFIED™ Home, ensuring that your home is eligible for a FORTIFIED™ Certificate. Here are some things that your evaluator will determine.

Does the home have the appropriate resilience upgrades for hurricanes? (or high-wind if the home is further inland). Your Evaluator will work with your contractor to determine which materials are appropriate and acceptable for the job.

Are critical construction details verified at different building and retrofitting stages? Whether your project is a FORTIFIED ™ new roof or a FORTIFIED ™ Gold new home, there are certain construction details that need to be documented. Your Evaluator should document and keep the records for these items.

Are the required key systems in place? There are key severe storm system upgrades designed and installed to deliver a stronger, safer, more durable home. These are required by IBHS to designate a home FORTIFIED ™ . An Evaluator will determine whether or not these systems are in place.

Licensing of FORTIFIED™ Evaluators

Generally, FORTIFIED™ Home Evaluators have a background in construction or home inspection, and are either licensed or registered design professionals, builders, or home inspectors as well as being a licensed FORTIFIED™ Home Evaluator.

In a previous post we discussed choosing your FORTIFIED™ Evaluator in detail. You can visit that post for more details. All FORTIFIED™ Evaluators are licensed through the IBHS program. You can see a current list here.

The First step to FORTIFIED™ is hiring an evaluator

Hiring an Evaluator is the first, most crucial step on the road to your FORTIFIED™ Certificate. Any licensed Evaluator may perform a re-designation inspection or the required inspections on a new home, however a good Evaluator will help walk you through the process and be there to answer questions whether you are renewing your certificate or building a new home.


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