Tips for Preparing For Your Home Inspection

Are you getting ready to sell your home? If so, what stage are you at? Have you had your home inspected yet? If you have, that’s great. Did you receive a long report of things that needed to be addressed? Have you ever had an inspection report kill your deal with a potential buyer? Regardless of what stage you’re in, we want to give you some tips that can help you in preparing for your home inspection that will prevent that dreaded long report that can kill your sale.

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Tip #1 - Make sure your house is clean, tidy, and organized

This seems pretty self explanatory, but it is not exactly a “requirement” to have your house cleaned up before an inspection. Usually, that won’t be written in the report; however, if the buyers come to the inspection, you don’t want them to see their potential future home in a mess. One way to do this is by decluttering. By getting rid of things you don’t need or won’t be taking with you on your move, it makes the home feel cleaner, tidy, and organized. It makes room for any new things that will come once you move, saves you time in packing, and helps prepare for your home inspection! Think of things somewhat out of the ordinary like items in your garage or attic and replace things like lightbulbs and air filters.

Tip #2 - Make sure the exterior of the home is ready for inspection

The outside of the home is the first thing that buyers see when looking at a home. Sometimes people just focus on the “beautification” but not the specifics until the home inspection rolls around. Simple things like checking for loose bricks or wood and checking for any noticeable rotting can decrease the chances of that ending up on your home inspection report and keeps your potential buyers impressed with the quality of your home.

Tip #3 - Check for caulking replacements

Caulking is not a huge deal, but it is something that is used in every room of your home. It’s of course a much bigger deal to have cracked/missing caulking in a kitchen or bathroom, but it’s definitely an eye sore regardless of the location. Make sure all the caulking is fresh and it can make the room look 10x better. It’s not hard to do and all of the products you’ll need can be found at your local hardware store!

Tip #4 - Make sure nothing is loose!

This is a fun one. Whether it’s a kitchen cabinet, bathroom door, or a toilet seat, you don’t want anything loose or wobbly during your home inspection. Check your door knobs and hand rails, your drawer and cabinet knobs, and don’t forget to check your tiles and hardwood floors! Secure down and replace if necessary anything that can appear to be loose because it can add up quickly during an inspection.

Tip #5 - Check for any leaks

Check for both indoor and outdoor leaks. Check hose faucets, sink faucets, and bath faucets. If they seem loose or do indeed leak, make sure to secure or replace if necessary. To the best of your ability, check pipes and lines to ensure there is no water leaks or looseness as well (this one’s tricky, but the Home Inspector can help with this!)

If you would like a full preparation guide to help you get ready for your upcoming inspection, look in our resources tab on our website for a Seller Inspection Checklist we created that can help! If you need an inspection or are looking for an inspector, call Knockout– we can help you with all your home inspection needs.

Here’s a BONUS- If your home isn’t FORTIFIED, you should definitely consider it even for your future home. It not only can increase the value of your home, but it can save you money by lowering your home owner’s insurance. Overall it can give you and your future buyer a peace of mind to know that your home is safer.

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