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The Difference Between a Home Inspection and an Appraisal

If you’re involved in real estate, then you have probably come across these two important terms: appraisal and inspection. While they may seem to be looking at the same areas of a property, they usually have different goals, explains John Haas of Haas Properties.

What Does a FORTIFIED™ Evaluator Do?

Hiring a FORTIFIED™ Evaluator is the most important step in getting your certificate. In a previous post, we talked about how to hire a FORTIFIED™ Evaluator. Today we’re going to outline how your evaluator will help you.

How to Hire a FORTIFIED™ Evaluator

You need to renew your FORTIFIED™ Certificate every 5 years and you will need to hire a FORTIFIED™ Evaluator to renew your certificate each time. You can choose a new evaluator every 5 years or you can stay with your previous evaluation company. Here are some things to consider when making this decision.

Don’t Risk your FORTIFIED™ Re-Designation!

Re-designation is usually a simple process, however, many homeowners do not know that they can put their certificate at risk. Making changes to the exterior of your home without the proper documentation might be problematic. Whether it be a new roof or an addition don’t risk your FORTIFIED ™ Certificate; call Knockout Inspections today!

How to Renew your FORTIFIED™ Certificate

A FORTIFIED certificate does not last forever. Today’s post will go over the basic steps towards renewing your certificate so that you can continue to enjoy your insurance discounts and higher home values.

What is FORTIFIED Gold™?

FORTIFIED GOLD™ is the last level of the FORTIFIED program. A FORTIFIED Gold ™ home starts with a FORTIFIED Roof™ and includes all FORTIFIED Silver™ requirements. So what else is added to reach the FORTIFIED Gold™ level?

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