How to Renew your FORTIFIED™ Certificate

A FORTIFIED certificate does not last forever. Today’s post will go over the basic steps towards renewing your certificate so that you can continue to enjoy your insurance discounts and higher home values.

What is FORTIFIED Gold™?

FORTIFIED GOLD™ is the last level of the FORTIFIED program. A FORTIFIED Gold ™ home starts with a FORTIFIED Roof™ and includes all FORTIFIED Silver™ requirements. So what else is added to reach the FORTIFIED Gold™ level?

Image of water running off of a roof

Why do I need to seal my roof deck?

When the weather gets bad, you head inside and expect your home to protect you from the storm. A roof is your home’s first defense against high winds and rain. What happens if your roof is not up to the job?

$25 off your fortified certificate

Labor Day Special

Is your roof ready for peak hurricane season? If your home is ready for a new roof, make sure that you get a FORTIFIED Home ™ roof.

Build Strong. Build Fortified. The national standard for resilient construction

What is a FORTIFIED Home™?

FORTIFIED Home ™ is a 3rd party certification program specifying storm resistant design. This program ensures that your home is built to withstand storms through documentation provided by a certified FORTIFIED Home Evaluator.

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