What is FORTIFIED Gold™?

FORTIFIED GOLD™ is the last level of the FORTIFIED program. A FORTIFIED Gold ™ home starts with a FORTIFIED Roof™ and includes all FORTIFIED Silver™ requirements. So what else is added to reach the FORTIFIED Gold™ level?

Image of water running off of a roof

Why do I need to seal my roof deck?

When the weather gets bad, you head inside and expect your home to protect you from the storm. A roof is your home’s first defense against high winds and rain. What happens if your roof is not up to the job?

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Labor Day Special

Is your roof ready for peak hurricane season? If your home is ready for a new roof, make sure that you get a FORTIFIED Home ™ roof.

Build Strong. Build Fortified. The national standard for resilient construction

What is a FORTIFIED Home™?

FORTIFIED Home ™ is a 3rd party certification program specifying storm resistant design. This program ensures that your home is built to withstand storms through documentation provided by a certified FORTIFIED Home Evaluator.

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